Upswing Resources

Resources To Help You Impact Student Retention

As your higher education retention partner, Upswing provides customized data reports, success-center support, and retention strategies to fit your unique needs. See more information about Upswing and learn more about our data and retention strategies by viewing these resources.

Coach Verification & Training

Learn more about how Upswing hires, trains, and monitors coaches.

Tutoring Subject List

See a list of the subjects available for online tutoring.

Andrew College Case Study

View an in-depth case study about Upswing efficacy on student grades.

UTPB Case Study

Read about the use of online tutoring to reduce admin workload.

Upswing Coaches Factsheet

Learn more about the value of Upswing's network of coaches.

Upswing Datasheet

Learn more about the data, analysis, and reporting Upswing can provide to your school.

Webinar: Integrating Support Services and Data

Access the recording of the higher education data integration webinar here.

Student Retention E-Book

Read about the importance of student retention and analytics for your school.

Virtual Learning Room Datasheet

Take a tour of the features in the virtual learning room.

AskUp User Guide

Learn how to get started using AskUp.

Implementation Timing White Paper

View data-backed insights on the best time to start a retention program.

Sample Data Proposal

View a sample of the advanced analytics and predictive data reporting available to Upswing partners.

Bringing Your Own Tutors Online White Paper

Discover data-backed insights on the value of bringing your own school tutors online.

Webinar: Combining Asynchronous and Synchronous Tutoring for Student Success

View a webinar recording to find the best online tutoring options for your school.